Judith Cooke
(Registered Psychotherapist)

I have been a member of the CCS staff since 2005, after finishing my Master of Divinity in Counselling at Tyndale Seminary. I am a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario.

My approach to psychotherapy is relational, inclusive, trauma-informed, and spiritually integrated. I use several therapeutic modalities in my work, according to the needs and goals of the person I'm working with. I have a special interest in somatic (body) focused approaches.

I work with clients who are dealing with a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, grief, loss, and shame, always working with these issues in the context of relationship–relationship with self, others, the world, and sometimes God.

I have a particular interest in

     - supporting parents of neurodivergent children (especially ADHD, anxiety, ),
     - a Health At Every Size approach to dealing with weight/appearance shame,
     - spiritual abuse, religious trauma, faith shifting
     - childhood/family trauma
     - transition to motherhood/parenting, the experience of motherhood

If you choose to work with me, you will find that therapy is a relationship where we will create a safe and gentle healing environment. It will be a place for tears and laughter, for speaking truth and for being quiet.

I am a mom of two boys, one of whom is neurodivergent. I love music and art, walking my dog at the lake, community and solitude. I’ve always wanted a tattoo and a nose ring, but neither has happened yet.