Eunjung Shin
(Registered Psychotherapist)

Eunjung Shin is an ordained minister. She has 15 years of pastoral experience in South Korea and Canada. Eunjung is a bilingual counsellor and has been trained as a pastoral counsellor, a marriage and family therapist, and an EFT(Emotion Focused Therapy) therapist. She enjoys working on women's issues, relationship issues, sexual abuse survivors, emotional issues such as anger, anxiety, fear, depression, shame or panic attack, loss and grief, self image, vocation and identity issues, and spiritual issues. Eunjung works with couples and families who struggle with their negative relational patterns and undeveloped communication skills, and who look for their relational, emotional, and spiritual connection with the other. Eunjung gives workshops on parenting with children and youth and retreats on couples relationship.

Eunjung graduated with a Th. M in Pastoral counselling from the Graduate School of HanShin University in Korea and a S.T.M from Regis College in Canada. Eunjung is a certified specialist in pastoral counselling with the CASC(Canadian Association for Spiritual Care), and she is working towards becoming a certified EFT couples therapist with the ICEEFT(International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy) and a certified EFT individual therapist with the Emotion-Focused Therapy Clinic. Eunjung and her husband have two loving daughters that contitnually help them grow as parents.