Tory Hoff
(Clinical Director)

Ph. D., C Psych

Tory Hoff grew up in Salinas, California, and graduated with a B.A. in psychology from UC Davis in 1970. After a year in Europe, study at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto, and work with children in residential treatment, he returned to mainstream academia and completed a masters degree in the history of psychology at Carleton University in 1980. His studies then took him back to Toronto at York University where he received his Ph.D. in the history of psychology. Starting in 1987 he taught at the University of Saskatchewan including at Thomas More College. He again returned to Toronto in 1994 in order to obtain further training as a practitioner, at which time he also began as an intern at Christian Counselling Services. In 1996 he obtained his registration as a counselling psychologist in Ontario. He specializes in providing assessment reports and psychological therapy to those suffering emotionally and mentally due to accidents. He supervises colleagues at Christian Counselling Services whose clients are receiving psychological services.
When not working, Tory runs with the Longboat Roadrunners and takes up the challenge of an occasional marathon. He also operates a small internet business selling antiquarian books. Tory and Linda garden, dance, and travel, and they manage to keep renovating a house.